You want your clients to remember your content and—more importantly—know how to find more of it. Finding a way for more viewers to hit the subscribe button is much easier with branded content. Luckily, you can use our customizable After Effects templates to brand your videos. AE templates instantly let viewers know who and what they are watching when they see your tagline.

Still deciding on your branded look? Try thinking about your target audience. If you shoot exercise tutorials, look for a template with an energetic vibe. A game review would pair well with an animated template, and an elegant template would look fantastic for a wedding photographer. Our AE templates can help you narrow down your brand’s video style while making it memorable in the eyes of your audience. Find the perfect signature template among some of our most popular selections and skyrocket your subscriber list.



No matter if you’re putting together a closet organization tutorial or an ad for wine season, a simple template can help quickly establish your content. Use the following templates to make your brand appear steady, reliable, and functional.


AE Template: Electronic Media Logo Reveal

Download this Media Logo template!


AE CS4 Template: Wall Collapse

Download this Wall Collapse template!


After Effects CS4 Template: Vivid Logo Reveal

Download this Vivid Logo template!



Appeal to the young at heart with a fun and creative template. Add some whimsy to cooking or gaming videos by selecting imaginative templates for a branded look.


Jungle Logo Reveal

Purchase this Jungle template


AE CS4 Template: Epic Text in the Heavens

Download this Epic Text template!


Knight Logo Reveal

Purchase this Knight template!



Technology is essential to everyday life in our digital world. We all have our favorite news, banking, and money-saving apps. To put your news service or start-up app in front of the right audience, view our selection of ‘essential’ video templates.


AE Template: Inner City

Download this Inner City template!


AE Template: Water Colors

Download this Water Colors template!


AE CS4 Template: Typography 08

Download this Typography template!



Go luxurious when you review fashion week, advertise a weekend spa package, or showcase extravagant food tastings with this next set of AE templates. These templates will perfectly compliment your content and give your brand a touch of elegance.


AE CS3 Template: 3D Elegant Logo

Download this Elegant Logo template!


AE Template: Luxury Intro

Download this Luxury Intro template!


After Effects CS4 Template: Luxury Logo

Download this Luxury Logo template!



Pump up the volume, and the likes, when you pick a dynamic template for your video. The following templates are perfect for hyping up your workout, lifestyle, or gardening brand.  With the right design, your name will stay with your viewers long after the video is over!


After Effects CS4 Template: Glitch Logo

Download this Glitch Logo template!


After Effects CS4 Template: Sports Promo Typography

Download this Sports Promo template!


AE CS4 Template: Lightning Logo

Download this Lightning template!



Let clients know that their business is your top priority when you choose a template with a professional tone. Make sure they think of you first for tax help, home renovation, or event planning by presenting your brand as qualified, skilled, and experienced. The templates below are the finishing touch you need for your branded content.


AE CS4 Template: Earth Logo

Download this Earth template!


After Effects CS4 Template: Blue-Grey Logo

Download this Blue-Grey template!


AE CS4 Template: Dense Reveal

Download this Dense Reveal template!

Not certain which template to choose? Download them all—or explore more templates in our royalty-free template library. With thousands of templates and endless possibilities, give your video a signature look with an After Effects template that perfectly establishes your brand.


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