Got a great idea for a video project but want a filmmaking primer first? We’ve gathered thirteen of the best film resources to get you started. Whether you’re a seasoned cinematographer searching for new techniques or you’ve only just picked up a camera for the first time, these online tutorials, blogs, and tools will get your creativity in gear—and help you make the most of our Unlimited Library.


Classes and Tutorials from the Pros


Lynda is a one-stop-shop for design and technology classes, all suited to a variety of digital skills and experience levels. Currently it hosts over 1,200 courses in video and design with nearly 50,000 video tutorials available. These courses range in topics from broad fundamentals like composition and lighting to more advanced topics like post-production and visual effects.

Filmmaker IQ

Filmmaker IQ is a niche film site that focuses on educating filmmakers on both the “why” and the “how” of the craft by connecting current techniques with a broader understanding of the industry. Sample topics for the free courses on Filmmaker IQ include “The History of Hollywood Censorship” and “Everything You Need to Know About Aspect Ratio.” The site also hosts articles on recent film news and forums for advice on most aspects of the filmmaking process.

Film Riot Tutorials

Featuring weekly video tutorials from filmmaker Ryan Connolly, Film Riot offers tips and tricks for filmmakers of all skill levels as well as the occasional savvy commentary on the state of the craft and the industry. Connolly’s videos focus on topics as varied as “Shooting on Film” and “Lighting Cars at Night” to “Will the Filmmaking Process Become Cheaper?”


Blogs in the Know

Indiewire’s Filmmaker Toolkit

Geared towards the “microbudget” indie filmmaker with an eye on both Hollywood and the festival circuit, Indiewire’s Filmmaker Toolkit posts a mixture of interviews, industry news articles, and advice for perfecting the art and business of indie filmmaking.

No Film School

Founded by Ryan Koo in 2005, No Film School has become one of the leading film blogs for aspiring filmmakers. Based on the concept of “creatives learning from each other,” whether or not they have a formal film education, No Film School posts tutorials, tips, and industry news with the aim of making them accessible to all filmmakers—regardless of their skill level or experience.

YouTube Film School on VideoBlocks

Our YouTube Film School series curates some of the best filmmaking tutorials on YouTube to help new filmmakers make the most of their screen craft. With topics like “Getting Started in Video” or “Lighting 101,” YouTube Film School is the perfect first stop for a new filmmaker looking to learn the ropes.

Field Guides for Offline

The Filmmaker’s Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide for the Digital Age

Often considered the definitive Filmmaking 101 textbook, The Filmmaker’s Handbook is on most film schools’ reading lists. Updated in 2013, the handbook covers topics from shooting with film or digital to funding and distributing your project.

Videomaker Magazine

Since 1986, Videomaker has been one of the most popular trade magazines for both professional and hobbyist filmmakers. Featuring coverage of the latest filmmaking technologies, the magazine also focuses on tips and techniques for better camera work.

MovieMaker Magazine

With an eye on the industry, MovieMaker is one of the best resources in print for indie filmmakers. With seasonal updates on all elements of the film process, from screen writing to directing to distribution, the magazine also includes DIY techniques and reporting from the film festival scene.

Workshops and Conferences for Filmmaking Communities

Creative Mornings

Think TED-like talks crossed with a breakfast lectures series for imaginative and innovative minds. Creative Mornings sponsors speakers series in most urban hubs around the world—and if you can’t make one of their sessions in person, you can always listen to their podcasts online.

NAB Show

Considered the preeminent video conference and exhibition in the U.S., NAB is a great destination for both new and experienced filmmakers. The latest in film technologies are sure to be featured (and tested) at this yearly event, while industry leaders and filmmakers on the cutting edge lead workshops on everything from content creation to distribution.

IN[FOCUS] Video Event

Designed as the “community-minded event” for filmmakers with the tagline “no egos, no trolls, just film,” IN[FOCUS] offers a creative space for filmmakers of all skill levels to share resources and learn. With an emphasis on “hands-on” learning and team building, IN[FOCUS] doesn’t just give new filmmakers the chance to hear about new techniques, but also the opportunity to try them firsthand.


Royalty-Free Content with Unlimited Downloads

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