After way too much delay, Apple’s new 2012 iMacs are finally available for order. Though they barely squeaked by their November deadline, many people (especially video editors) feel that this updated model is way overdue. The new design has been streamlined and is sure to please new consumers, but what about it specifically will speak to video editors? Here are a few features that we like in the new model:


Thinner Design

Sure, thin is great, but it’s more than just the aesthetic value that makes this aspect of the new iMac great. They’ve taken out the disc drive, making this machine totally void of hard media usage. Of course you can still plug in any USB storage device, but if you want to use DVDs or CDs you’ll have to buy an additional external disc drive from Apple. Why do we see this as an advantage? Video Editors have been trying to convert to this all digital or cloud based workflow for years. These types of technology modifications will assist in that process. Just think how much easier it will be when clients give you materials via a cloud based system or on a USB drive! No more worrying about if a DVD is malfunctioning, was burned incorrectly or encountered dozens of other user errors.

Plus, the sleek design does look really nice when you compare them side-by-side:

Reduced Glare

Video Editors are known for spending countless hours in front of a computer screen, often straining their eyes in dimly lit rooms to see the most accurate representation of their work. With the previous iMac, glare has been a huge issue. Without the proper work environment, you can practically see yourself in the screen at all times, which can be distracting and rough on the eyes. The new iMac promises to be 75% less reflective, giving a more soothing and detailed monitor for video editing work.


Major Upgrades on Top Models

Pretty much any computer can be customized, but if you build to order the largest version of this new iMac model, you can really start yourself out with a super machine. Here are all of the max upgrades you can make. (Note: These add up to cost a little over $3,000).

  • You can upgrade the CPU to an i7 3.4GHz Quad-core Intel Core i7, with turbo boost up to 3.9GHz.
  • You can upgrade the RAM to 32GB 1600MHz DDR3 SDRAM – 4x8GB.
  • You can upgrade the internal storage to a 3TB Fusion Drive.
  • You can upgrade the GPU to NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680MX 2GB GDDR5.
  • You can select a Magic Trackpad instead of a mouse (for maximum Mac OS compatibility), or a Western Spanish keyboard over a traditional at no extra charge.

Just think how smoothly your video editing software will run on a powerhouse machine like that!


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