Avid just announced yesterday that they have launced a video editing app for the iPad. This is a pretty radical move for a company that only years ago was on its way out of business. This $4.99 app is available in the Apple App Store, right along side Apple’s own product, iMovie. So the question is…will Avid be able to knock iMovie out of the video editing app spotlight? Here’s our take on it:

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The Avid App

Avid’s new app has a lot of effects and features to offer, especially considering it is an “on-the go” editor. You can create motion graphics, 3D animation and picture-in-picture effects. In addition to that, it has good audio controls and the ability to organize photos and videos well.

You can take your Avid App projects and easily import them into your desktop Avid for more hard core editing. Or, if you’re happy with your mobile version, there are easy sharing features for YouTube and Facebook.

 Avid Studio iPad App

Is it better than iMovie?

This totally depends on what kind of video editing style you prefer. If you’ve learned on basic programs like iMovie and Windows Movie Maker, you’ll probably want to stick to the simplistic interface that is offered with iMovie.

However, if you’re a more advanced editor and are more comfortable with a timeline style editing interface, the new Avid App is definitely going to be better suited for you. Though it is not identical to its desktop counterpart, the Avid app has a more familiar resemblance to professional quality video editing systems.

Will the Avid App Kill iMovie?

No. While the Avid App is undoubtedly more powerful than the iMovie App, it will never outshine the original. First and foremost, it is a PC software on an Apple product. This doesn’t mean that the software itself is any less effective, but as far as the clientele goes, Apple users are going to gravitate more towards an Apple editing software if they’re new to the scene. iMovie offers a familiarity to the beginning user.

However, the new Avid App may make mobile editing more useful for professional level productions. Since the app and the actual desktop software are so compatible, it would be really easy for a documentary crew, for instance, to cut a rough version of a segment in the field just to establish the flow of the story and then export that project onto their desktop timeline and use it as a guideline for a real editing session.

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