Since so much of our blog has been dedicated to reviews, critques and praise for Apple products, we felt it only right to dedicate this week’s Videos of the Week to the man that started it all: Steve Jobs. We’ve put together three Steve Jobs videos that we think are worth your time to watch. Enjoy!

1. The First iPod Introduction 

I love this clip because it takes you back to where it all began. Steve Jobs and Apple had surely put together some amazing products before the iPod, but in my opinion, this is the first product where you can directly follow how it revolutionized modern culture. Also, I love how subdued this presentation is. It is simple yet inspiring.


2. Advice for Entrepreneurs 

This clip is short and sweet, but I think it does a really good job showing what Steve Jobs stood for. You have to be passionate to be as successful as Steve Jobs, and he shares that passion so well in this interview.


3. Stanford Commencement

There’s no doubt that this is the most popular Steve Jobs clip being passed around the Internet right now. Given that it was a prepared speech, it highlights some of the best life lessons Steve Jobs had to offer.


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