Well, we’ve all been waiting for another Apple announcement and today was the day. It is Tim Cook’s second time at the helm of the presentation, but it is the first complete roll out after Steve Job’s passing. The new iPad was the buzz word of the day, but there were plenty of highlights that are worth mentioning. Here are some feature we thought were worth mentioning:

The New iPad

Apple TV

Apple TV is one of very few Apple products that has not blown up since its introduction a few years ago. Yes, people use it, but it hasn’t revolutionized the technology world the way their other products have. Today’s announcement included an improvement on Apple TV. It now has 1080p capabilities and features a new interactive interface for quick browsing.

Our Thoughts:

Though this roll out is not all that life changing, it is great news that Apple is still paying attention to the TV world. Steve Jobs reportedly said that he had cracked the code to breaking in the TV market shortly before his death, so perhaps this is just a step in right direction.

iPad Retina Display

Much like the iPhone 4S release, the new iPad also has a retina display. This is supposed to blow our mind with crystal clear graphics and stunning colors…that is if you can wipe away all of the slobber that is spilling out of the tech bloggers’ dropped jaws.

Our Thoughts:

This will be the most noticeable improvement with the new iPad. The crystal clear screen will make working with a lot of the apps way more enjoyable. Is it enough to get us jazzed enough to go out and by an entirely new product…probably not. While a retina display is nice, I’m not going blind from my current display, so I’m content staying where I’m at.

New iPad Camera

Again, this upgrade is very similar to the iPhone 4S release. The new iPad camera will be able to shoot 1080p video, which is a huge advancement for us video lovers. Overall, it is a higher quality camera, practically identical to the iPhone 4S camera.

Our Thoughts:

This improvement with the camera makes the iPad a much more valuable tool for those in the video field. While feature films are never going to be shot on an iPad, it can be used to create concepts, to documents a production process or just create consumer videos for YouTube. As always, putting HD cameras in the hands of the masses will only continue to revolutionize the video industry.


The new iPad is 4G capable. This was a rumor that many people were excited for, but were skeptical to see if Apple would pull the trigger on this less than perfect technology. Their decision to introduce it first with a data only device was probably smart, giving them time to tweek the process for the anticipated iPhone 5 release.

Our Thoughts:

4G is certainly going to be faster. There’s no doubt about that and obviously that is a huge selling point for this product. The thing we’re most interested in seeing is what type of contracts and prices the carriers will require for using 4G. That could be a huge make or break for the usefulness of this new iPad.

Oh, and depending on your carrier, you may be able to use your iPad as a mobile hotspot. We think that’s pretty awesome.

iMovie and iPhoto Improvements

Both iMovie and iPhoto have been made more functional on this mobile device. You can now create awesome movie trailers and make storyboards on iMovie. This, combined with the fact that the on-board camera is 1080p makes the iPad way more functional as a mobile video device. iPhoto has seen improvements as well, giving you more editing options than ever before.

Our Thoughts:

These improvements are major steps towards making the iPad a more useful tool in the media world. However, they are still mostly geared towards consumers, so do not expect to be able to professionally edit your commercial or prepare photographs for a client on this iPad. These features are more helpful if you’re looking to enhance your pictures on a family vacation before posting them to Facebook or that sort of thing.

What do you think? Are you ready to go out and buy the new iPad? Did Apple meet your expectations today, or were you left disappointed? Let us know below or join the conversation on the VideoBlocks Facebook page.

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