Create Your Own Universe With VideoBlocks

Carl Sagan was a brilliant author, astronomer, cosmologist and science popularizer. Airing in the fall of 1980, he co-created and hosted “Cosmos”. The 13-part PBS television series that ultimately reached and influenced hundreds of millions of people worldwide.

The New York Times described it as “a watershed moment for science-themed television programming.”

March 4th, astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson will present a follow-up series produced by Seth MacFarlane for the FOX Network. The personal voyage series will explore completely new worlds. He brilliantly explains concepts through the use of spectacular high definition images and sensational visual elements.

This is a video we made, inspired by the Cosmos commercial:

It’s a powerful demonstration showing how you can create your own universe or cosmic series with Video Blocks.

The possibilities are boundless.
Create Your Own Universe With VideoBlocks