Audio editing software is in abundance these days, making it hard to filter through and figure out which program might be right for you. We’ve gone ahead and done the hard work for you by putting together this list of the best audio editing programs. There’s sure to be something in here for everyone! 

Pro Tools 

Pro Tools is the industry standard when it comes to audio editing. The great thing about that is you know this program is powerful and reliable. The downfall is that for simple projects, ProTools is going to be way too powerful and will just complicate what could be an easy edit. If you’re serious with audio editing, you can’t get much better than Pro Tools. If you’re just looking for a program to quickly edit together some music or sound effects, don’t waste all your money on this one quite yet. 



Audacity is simple, free and easy to install. Even many professional audio engineers say you cannot find much better programs out there, especially for the price. It does not have as many bells and whistles as Pro Tools, but often that may prove to be a good thing. If you’re looking to do simple audio editing with multiple tracks, Audacity is the best way to go and will not even leave a mark in your wallet! 


Sony Acid

Sony is a trustworthy name when it comes to audio equipment, and their editing software is no different. There are two different versions of Sony Acid available; Acid Music Studio and Acid Pro. Acid Music Studio is the less complex and less expensive version of Acid Pro and is targeted at the “pro-sumer”, or semi-professional audio editor. With both versions of the program you need to know some basics of audio editing for it to prove useful (or at least, for it to prove more useful than Audacity). Acid is a great program to have if you’re working alongside with Sony Vegas Pro as their work flow transfers nicely. The biggest downfall of this program in my opinion is that it is only available for PCs.  


Adobe Audition 

Adobe bought out a former power house in video editing, Cool Edit Pro, and turned it into their own product called Audition. If you’re an Adobe lover, this is a great program for you since it looks and feels very much like other Adobe programs in the Creative Suite. Many argue that Audition is not a great program for recording audio, and is stronger as purely a multi-track editor. As you would expect, this program works seamlessly with the rest of Adobe’s products, making it ideal if you are jumping between projects in Premiere and After Effects


Make sure to note that Audacity is the only free program on this list! If you are looking exclusively for free audio editors, make sure to check out our other blog post where we highlight the best free audio editing programs available

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