Adobe recently announced some big updates to the Creative Cloud suite, with the highlight being new VR/360° video editing capabilities—a timely addition considering the recent introduction of royalty-free 360° footage to our library. We’ve outlined the five essential new features that have been introduced with this Creative Cloud version, all of which should maximize your workflow and allow you to expand your repertoire of editing skills.


1. Creating Proxies During Ingest

For those who are not utilizing proxy files, the smaller copies of your raw files can save you time and headaches. They make editing large video formats, like 4K, incredibly easy. Now Premiere Pro can create proxies on ingest. You can toggle from your full resolution file to a smaller one for quicker playback.

Adobe Premier CC media endcoder

Learn more about creating proxies with this overview from Adobe.


2. Enhanced Color Correction in Premiere and After Effects

One of the many complaints about the Adobe editing suite is the lack of color correction options in their software. Now, Adobe has brought advanced color correction tools to both Premiere Pro and After Effects. You can select and alter hue, saturation and lightness straight from the Lumetri control panel, similar to more professional color grading programs such as DaVinci Resolve.

Color correction updates Adobe Premier

Watch a tutorial for the Lumetri control panel from Adobe.


3. Enhanced Playback in After Effects

Creating incredible special effects in After Effects can be too much for your processor to handle making playback delayed and choppy. Now with the new performance updates to After Effects, rendering and playback has never been better.

The 5 Biggest Updates Adobe Creative Cloud Including VR 360 Video Editing

Check out this video to learn more about it.


4. App-integration in Media Encoder

Media Encoder makes exporting a breeze, and now it’s even easier to export files with the best settings for specific apps—even allowing you to publish directly to social media sites. 

The 5 Biggest Updates Adobe Creative Cloud Including VR 360 Video Editing

Check out this tutorial on using the Media Encoder from Adobe.


5. 360° Editing Capabilities

360 Degree video is taking the world by storm. Many different online platforms have added support for this format. Now you can edit 360° stitched video in Premiere Pro. Check out Adobe’s tutorial to get the full scope.

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