Adobe recently released its latest upgrades to their “Elements” line of prosumer editing platforms. Premiere Elements and Photoshop Elements both received face-lifts that are targeted at hobbyist and amateur editors alike. Here’s a look at the new tools you’ll find in the upgrade.

Premiere Elements 

Premiere Elements is the consumer version of Adobe Premiere Pro. It allows you to do much more than a program like Windows Movie Maker or iMovie, but it does not have quite all of the bells and whistles that are included in Premiere Pro.

In the latest upgrade, Adobe mainly concentrated on video sharing. Since most people who are using Premiere Elements are probably hobbyists or amateurs, Adobe decided to make it easier than ever to use the program to share your final videos. You can upload straight to YouTube or Facebook and also burn HD videos straight to DVD without using a seperate authoring program.

Adobe also included some new features such as Pan and Zoom (for creating a Ken Burns effect) and color enhancement/correction features that will give the editor more creative control.

Photoshop Elements 

Photoshop Elements is the stripped down version of the well known image editing software, Photoshop. This is the 10th anniversary of Photoshop Elements and it offers some new features that will make it even easier to use. New guided editing routines give you step by step instructions on how to use certain visual effects, an upgraded organizer makes it easier to import and find photos and you can create slide shows to then easily share online.

Elements 10 Plus

Another great addition to the Elements upgrade is a subscription service called Elements 10 Plus. It is only offered in the United States, but for $50 a year you can get 20GB of space on Adobe’s servers. This will automatically back up all of your work to an online storage center so your project (in theory) can never be lost. Subscribing to Elements 10 Plus also gives you special access to new tools, effects, templates, and themes that are not available to the average user.

Overall, Adobe is making a smart move with the recent upgrades. When Apple removed Final Cut Express from its line of products, there left a gap for people looking for middle-of-the-line editing software. Adobe has recognized the gap and improved their products enough to compete with Apple’s new Final Cut Pro X. By making sharing pictures and videos easier, Adobe is recognizing that they are willing and invested in adapting to the needs of their consumers, whether they be professionals or amateurs.

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