Having the right tool for the job is essential when you need to maximize productivity and keep your creative flow copasetic—after all, you wouldn’t try to hammer a nail with a screwdriver (well, we hope you wouldn’t). So why would you use the wrong Adobe program for your project?

Knowing when you should use Adobe After Effects versus Premiere Pro can help you determine which program to learn first or which program to use for specific tasks. While there are some things that you can do through both programs, one of them will likely have a much simpler process than the other. For example, you can create motion in text in Premiere Pro, but it’s much easier to do in After Effects. And while you can edit together video clips in After Effects, each clip would be on a separate layer—so you should probably stick to Premiere for that.


In this video, Tobias from Surfaced Studio goes over a common question—What are the differences between After Effects and Premiere Pro? After Effects is best for motion graphics, making title sequences, and adding effects to your videos, and Premiere Pro is best for editing video and audio clips together. Each program has its own advantages, which is why you might consider learning how to use both.


What are the advantages of Premiere Pro?

  • Premiere Pro is one of the best tools out there for video editing. If you have footage and audio clips that you want to pull together, then Premiere Pro is the best program for this.
  • You can place multiple video clips on the same video track
  • Ideal for trimming and arranging clips
  • It’s easy to create transitions between clips


What are the advantages of After Effects?

  • Adobe After Effects is primarily used for motion graphics, visual effects, and composition. In After Effects, you can layer multiple audio and visual clips on top of each other and use the software’s many tools to blend them all together.
  • Best for adding visual effects
  • Easy to make title and 2D animations

To learn more about how to use After Effects, check out our beginner’s guide. Once you know the basics, test out your new skills on our After Effects Templates.


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