Anyone who has ever opened up After Effects surely knows that it is not a program you can simply learn as you go along. Online tutorials are the easiest way to master your motion graphic skills, but not all of them are free. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite sites to find free After Effects tutorials.

1. Video Copilot 

Video Copilot is a top notch company that sells Adobe After Effects tutorials. Luckily, they offer a free series of tutorials online known as “After Effects Basic Training”. If you’re new to AE, this is the ultimate resource. The tutorials are easy to follow, professionally made and cover a wide variety of basic topics.


Creative Cow is another great online resource for AE tutorials. They have a variety of topics to choose from and the video tutorials are very high quality. The best part about this site is that many of the tutorials give you the option to download the project files, so you can follow along with exact steps from the video. Don’t forget to check out Creative Cow’s online forums, too. They are a great place to get information on common editing problems and questions.

3. is a tutorial website that offers instruction and online courses covering practically any software you can think of. Typically you have to have a membership to take advantage of their resources, but they have put out a few free After Effect tutorials that even Adobe promotes. These tutorials are less focused on specific projects and instead capture broader subjects like workflow and storyboarding. These skills are just as necessary as the technical side, so watching these tutorials is sure to be valuable.

4. is an online resource for everything Adobe. They have a whole section of their website devoted to After Effects. These tutorials are a little more advanced and typically focus on just one tool within After Effects. If you’ve worked with After Effects and are just trying to add some new tricks to your arsenal, these will be the perfect tutorials for you!


This is an After Effects blog, so it has lots of tutorials along with articles and creative projects to look at. The great thing about this site is that they use real world examples within their tutorials. For example, they have a video tutorial showing you how to make a motion logo similar to the one from the Transformers trailors. This type of instruction is perfect when you see something on TV and say to yourself “I want to know how to do that!”