It can be difficult to stand out in the digital world. Luckily, our After Effects business templates can save you time and add that little extra something that’ll give you an edge. From impressing your board with elegant templates to capturing the attention of consumers on Facebook, we have all of the templates you need to get your brand the visibility it deserves.

You don’t need to be a Fortune 500 company to afford elegant videos– our Membership Library and Contributor Marketplace have AE templates for every occasion, so that you can hook your consumer and bring your business to the next level. Not certain what you’re looking for? We’ve rounded up 13 of our favorite business After Effects templates to get you started.


1. Minimal Animated Business Card

Purchase the Minimal Animated Business Card Logo Text

Logo reveals are a great way to provide a quick, branded intro for any video. This traditional reveal is a great way to emphasize your brand.


2. Particuler Logo Reveal

Purchase the Particuler Logo Reveal

Looking for a more creative reveal? This intro is perfect to emphasize the uniqueness of your brand.


3. Social Media Logo Reveal

Purchase the Business Social Media Logo Reveal

Make sure your consumers stay up-to-date on your products by connecting with them on social media. Adding your social media handles to the end of your video is a great way to increase your following.


4. Corporate Simple Slideshow

Purchase the Corporate Simple Slideshow

Infographic slides are a clean and clear way to provide an overview of your company to clients, customers or new employees. Use this template to emphasize the key services provided by your business.


5. Company Intro

Download the Company Intro

Attract new employees with an exciting company intro template outlining your awards, employees, and everything that makes you great. Share your video on LinkedIn to help your recruiting efforts.


6. Big Business Corporate Promo

Purchase the Big Business Corporate Promo

Want to make a mark on your audience? This loud, thumping, and flashing promo template is perfect for getting your message across in a bold and memorable way.


7. Business and Travel Slideshow

Purchase the Business and Travel Slideshow

They say pictures are worth a thousand words. If that’s true, there’s no better addition to a video than a slideshow that can elegantly showcase all your products.


8. Kinetic Type Business Promo

Purchase the Kinetic Type Business Promo

Business promos highlight every aspect of your company. This animated, office-themed template will sell any customer.


9. Company Promo Opener

Download the Company Promo Opener

Have a lot of media, but not enough time to highlight it all? This intro slideshow allows you to use photos to introduce your business.


10. Business Infographic Elements

Purchase the Business Infographics Elements

Charts and graphs are a great way to highlight both your business successes and goals. Use these 30 customizable animated graphics to add authenticity to your presentation.


11. Timeline Template

Download the Timeline template

Need to capture all the ways your company has grown and developed over the years? This simple timeline template allows you to do just that.


12. For More Information Sign

Purchase the For More Information Sign

Make sure your clients have all the information they need. This “for more information” outro gives you the opportunity to make sure they know how to reach you.


13. Ring Media Presentation

Download the Ring Media Presentation

It’s always nice to end your video by acknowledging everyone who helped get the job done. This photo presentation will showcase everyone’s talents.

Looking for more? Our library contains hundreds of templates—you’ll be sure to find the perfect one to make your video stand out.


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