It’s the event of the century, all your buddies have bought their tickets, celebrities are rumored to be there, and the artist line up is surreal—but, you had no idea this event even existed. How did an event get so much hype so quickly? Instagram marketing—it’s one of the newest, trendiest, and most affordable ways to market an event or product to an entire world of digital consumers.

Unlike the now infamous Fyre Festival, Instagram Ads do exist , and so do beautifully crafted AE Promo Templates that can help you market on Insta. An authentically created Instagram Ad can make a huge impact on the success of your or your company’s event. Just think of the Fyre Festival! A recent music festival that was supposed to have taken place in the Bahamas, Fyre was promoted wildy on Instagram and was hugely popular among top social media influencers. With the right advertising and marketing on Instagram alone, thousands of people bought plane and event tickets for a festival that—as it turns out—wasn’t even real. That’s the true power of social media marketing—and you can harness is for your own! (Just make sure you’re advertising an actual event or product.).

As one of the fastest growing social media sites, Instagram Ads appear on thousands of users’ feeds. To catch the eye and secure the double-tap of affirmation from a user, your ad needs to be a cut above the rest. Utilizing After Effects in your social advertising can provide you with unique and fresh ways to engage with your audience, inspiring and motivating them to do whatever it takes to get to your event. Otherwise, they run the risk of having #FOMO.

Whatever kind of event you’re hosting, we’ve got an After Effects Promo Template to woo your audience and rack up those likes.


1. AE CS5 Template: Club Promo

Download this Club Promo here.


2. Colorful Smoke Promo Event

Purchase this Colorful Smoke Promo here.


3. Clean Promo

Download this Clean Promo here.


4. Dynamic Promo

Download this Dynamic Promo here.


5. AE CS5 Template: Digital Chaos

Purchase this Digital Chaos promo here.


6. Cinematic Promo

Download this Cinematic Promo here.


7. Comic Book Promo

Download this Comic Book Promo here.


8. Music Event Promo

Purchase this Music Event Promo here.


9. Elegant Promo

Download this Elegant Promo here.

To stand out amongst the crowd, check out our AE Promo Templates. If you’ve got stellar Instagram Ads, your event will be a hit—just make sure it actually happens. Poor PR spreads like a wild fyre.


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