First impressions are always the most important, especially in video projects and presentations. Title animation intros created in After Effects can help you make an impact, and while there are many high-quality and royalty-free After Effects templates available for download, sometimes you may want to tailor a title sequence to your project’s needs. Even if you’re new to the program, this streamlined and easy-to-follow tutorial breaks down the basic steps to creating dynamic, animated text that will be sure to wow.

Whether you’re working on a project for yourself or a client, this tutorial will help you master an easy After Effects title animation to give your project that professional edge you’re looking for.


How to Create an Animated Title Intro in After Effects

There are many more options for customizing your After Effects project, including adding additional layers or playing with further dissolves and text rotations.

If you’re looking to save time, you can download pre-packaged After Effects templates from our library, including hundreds of new templates we’ve recently added. We’ve curated a collection of a few of our top animated title intros—all of which are included in an affordable annual subscription to VideoBlocks.


Company Ad Template


Text Animation Template


Zoomness Template


Vintage Text Template


Get Animated with AE Templates