If you want to win a Parent of the Year Award, you might have to get creative. Dreamworks animator, Daniel Hashimoto, did just that. Using Adobe After Effects, Hashimoto transformed his imaginative three-year-old into a powerful (and extremely destructive) superhero.

Hashimoto calls his action-packed and hilarious YouTube series “Action Movie Kid.” In the series’ second episode, Hashimoto demonstrates how certain After Effects chops can allow you to turn your child’s fantasy into an epic reality.

Watch Episode One:

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4 Royalty-Free After Effects Templates for Ultimate Action

If you want to bring superheroic action effects to your own home videos, you don’t have to be a Dreamworks pro–you can use pre-packaged royalty-free After Effects templates to take your videos to the next level. These ready-to-use resources make it even easier to achieve the superhero illusion guaranteed to add some action to Bobby’s 4th birthday party.


1. Epic Opening Credits

Every superhero needs an awesome introduction that will replicate or even rival the opening of Star Wars. Just imagine your child’s name front and center, making the name Luke Skywalker a thing of the past.

Download this CS4 Opening Title after effects template.


2. Things That Go Boom

No matter what the cause, there always seems to be explosions involved. Give your child the power to desecrate the evil villain or an entire city with effects like this particle explosion.

Download this Explosion Logo Reveal after effects template.

Or even this blasting animated text:

Download this CS5 Zone Blast after effects template.


3. A Galaxy Far, Far Away

Ever wonder what it would look like when traveling through a space-time vortex? Well, we have no idea what that would actually look like, but you can create that reality with effects like this wormhole template.

Download this Terra Ident after effects template.


4. A Message from Mission Control

Superheroes also need days home in the office to learn about top secret missions or just to catch up on paperwork. Effects like this video display will make your child feel like the ultimate professional superhero with the latest technology, making Batman’s high-tech gadgetry and Bat Cave look obsolete.

Download this CS5 Video Display after effects template.
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