One of the most common questions that we get on is, “How do I edit the Text on an After Effects Template?” Completely understandable! Adobe After Effects, or AE isn’t all that intuitive and takes a little getting used to, but we’re here to help! Mike Steele, one of our beloved Experience Experts explains it all in this thorough yet digestible YouTube tutorial!

Adobe After Effects are a great way to make your video or company really stand out from the rest of the competition! In the video, Mike shows you how to edit both the text and background so that the template looks exactly like how you want it to, and not like a stock template.

It is important to note that AE templates can ONLY be opened with the program Adobe After Effects. A 30 day free trial can be found here or it can be bought outright for an annual subscription!

The internet browsers we recommend are either Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, both able to be downloaded completely free. Once downloaded, you can find where your downloads go here for Chrome and here for Firefox.

Once you are there you are in the best of hands with Mike!

How to Edit an After Effects Template


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As always, you can download for free for seven days at and get 20 clips a day of After Effects, stock footage, Apple Motion, Motion Backgrounds and lower thirds! Also, our Frequently Asked Questions can answer many other questions you have! Happy editing!

Follow along with Mike by downloading one of these free AE Templates on us!