You have one chance to make an introduction, so why not make it interesting? After Effects can help you create your own eye-catching and smooth text animation for intros, guaranteeing a memorable video. Even amongst the royalty-free After Effects templates available for download, sometimes you need to add a little personal flare. If you’re new to the program, there’s no need to stress—this step-by-step tutorial lays out the fundamentals for creating a noteworthy text effect.

Text animations are a simple solution if you’re looking to enhance the production value of your video project. With this tutorial, you can make a dynamic intro that will ensure a certain level of polish in all of your future videos.


After Effects: Smooth Text Animation Intro Tutorial

Looking for more inspiration? Try personalizing your intro more by adding additional layers or further customizing the dissolves and text rotations.

Or, want the same polish without the hassle? You can download pre-packaged After Effects templates from our library. With the hundreds of new templates we’ve recently added, there are plenty of options. To make it even easier, we’ve collected some of our favorite intros with animated texts.


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Bounce Titles Template


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Block Titles Template


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