In the last 20 years, with the help of the internet and the rise of cell phones, communication has dramatically changed. Mobile phones and the ability to text now strongly influence the way in which we can communicate with people, including on film. From tweets to texts, filmmakers have had to adapt to the way individuals give and receive information.

Using text on screen to relay conversation has become a new tool for visual storytellers to communicate conversations on screen without ever saying a thing. One of the best examples we’ve seen of this is the text bubble solution–which are often added using After Effects templates. Using this technique, the audience can simultaneously see the message and the acting that goes along with it, keeping the viewers closely engaged. Many movies and television shows have had great success with this concept including the BBC’s Sherlock, Netflix’s House of Cards, and the Academy Award nominated film Fruitvale Station.

Now with the help After Effects template from our Marketplace contributors—like the one shown below—you can also try incorporating this effective technique to your own videos, enhancing any text conversations between characters!

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Purchase this trend-setting After Effects template to add text message bubbles on screen.

It’s very easy with the help of this template to turn your own videos into contemporary, cinematic gold. Just follow these three quick steps:

Step 1. Purchase the Text Message Template and Download.
Use the same template we used in our sample project, or browse other templates in our library for additional text effects.

Step 2. Add Your Own Footage into After Effects.
Or you can do what we did and use stock footage from our libraries to get your creativity flowing.

Step 3. Customize the Template and Add Text.
You can even add in pictures and videos within the text messages, change colors, and move bubbles around to the perfect spots for highlight your project.

That’s it! Start adding text messages to your project today—and don’t forget to check out more studio-quality content from our Contributor Marketplace.


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