The 2017 movie season is well underway—but why save all the thrills for the big screen? Thanks to today’s tech, independent filmmakers can access studio-quality b-roll, mind-blowing special effects and engaging intros on less than a Los Angeles catering budget! So why not add a little movie magic to your next film project with our box-office inspired After Effects templates? Whether you’re looking for high-impact credit reels or a spine-chilling introduction, get the Hollywood look—minus the Hollywood budget.


The Future is Limitless

You know that old adage, “you get what you pay for?” Well it’s generally true—but what if you were overpaying the whole time? Thanks to your VideoBlocks subscription, every one of these cinematic After Effects Templates are available for download at no additional cost to you. Take that, Paramount!


1. Feel the Force

Long ago, in a galaxy far, far away, one “low-budget” (relatively speaking) sci-fi movie took the world by storm, building one of film’s biggest franchises. Pay homage to Star Wars’ enduring legacy with this opening title sequence.

Download this Star Wars inspired opening titles template.


2. Movie Magic

From Harry Potter to X-Men, magic is more than a passing fad. Set the scene for fantastical new worlds with this heavenly text teaser template.

Download this heavenly text template.


3. Autumn Romance

Action and SciFi are certainly exciting, but dramatic romances will always have a place on the cinematic stage. Whether your screenplay is uplifting or heartbreaking, tell your tale with this cinematic filter template.

Download this Autumnal cinematic filter template.


4. Who Dunnit?

When this guy starts rolling, you know you’re not in for a fluffy RomCom. Get in on the action by channelling your inner CSI with this dramatic credit intro,

Download this black screen intro.


5. Step Back In Time

This intriguing template is a little bit old world and a little bit out-of-this-world. So whether you’re telling your own story from “long, long ago, in a galaxy far, far away…” or you need a stunning intro for a Rome-era epic, hook your audience with this compelling template.

Download this old world movie template


6. Get Sucked In

This abstract particle spin template is sure to pull your audience into a dreamy starscape. It’s perfectly suited for any sci-fi project.

Download this wormhole intro template.


7. Duhm Duhm DUHM

With an intro like this, you know the story doesn’t end with “Happily Ever After.” Set an ominous tone with this spooky After Effects Template.

Download this dark cloud movie template.


8. Keep Them Waiting

This “Egyptian Thrones” template is perfect for any costume drama, but it’s real value lies in it’s sense of mystery. Keep your audience wanting more with this minimalist template.

Download this Egyptian thrones template.


9. Who Done It?

A great crime drama never goes out of style. Set the stage for a gritty, daring, and all-too-engrossing detective tale with this “Shades of Red” template.

Download this Shades of Red template.


10. Take a Peek

Keep your audience on the edge of their seats with this “blink and you’ll miss it” trailer template.

Download this cinematic movie template.


Stronger Together

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1. The Spooky Mountain Trope

Can’t you just hear the clash of lighting—or the howl of wind whistling outside the aged panes of a 17th century castle window? Add the spook factor to your next project with this entrancing horror intro.

Purchase this cinematic tiles template


2. Say Hello to Hollywood

Admit it, you probably started humming that iconic intro music. You know which one.

Purchase this mountain logo reveal template


3. Into the Mist

If your horror film is a little less spooky castle and a little more Hitchcock, try this misty thriller intro on for size. Can you see what’s coming next?

Purchase this misty day template.


4. Ink Blot

From tales of Machiavellian intrigue to sword-clashing gladiatorial epics, this adaptable ink blot template will excite and inspire your audience from the very first frame.

Purchase this ink tiles trailer opener.


5. Hot off the Press

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! There’s something timeless and captivating about the written word. Capture the power of the press with this After Effects intro template.

Purchase this newspaper template.


6. The Classic Rom Com

Cue up a fun pop song and a a cast of fierce females, because this playful credit intro is begging to grace the next ensemble comedy.

Purchase this dynamic intro template.


7. It’s All Connected

Capture the essence of a cerebral tech drama with this organic plexus title trailer. Whether your story is set firmly in the digital age or in an alternate dimension, this template makes it clear that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Purchase this plexus titles trailer template


8. Nothing Comic About It

Watch out, Marvel! Comic book adaptations are everywhere right now. Get in on the action with this epic opener.

Purchase this epic action opener template.


9. Napalm in the Morning

Sometimes the best film inspiration comes straight from the annals of history. Tell your war epic with the help of this cinematic titles intro.

Purchase this dynamic action intro template.


10. Shoot for the Stars

Are you ready to go galactic? If so, this space satellite trailer is here to take you on an amazing journey to the far reaches of space. Beam me up, Scotty.

Purchase this space satellite trailer template.

Why let Tinseltown have all the fun? Great concepts deserve great execution, and with these After Effects Templates in your toolbox, hot shot effects teams have nothin’ on you.

Now if only it were this easy to hire Ryan Reynolds for our next film project, we’d all be set.


Bring on the Blockbusters