Video conversion can be a tricky and temperamental task, especially if you don’t have the right tools. Here at VideoBlocks, we’ve had to convert just about every type of video and have made just about every type of conversion mistake along the way! In the end, there are three video conversion tools that we think are must haves for 3 Must Have Conversion Tools for Mac. Here’s a look…


MPEG Streamclip 

MPEG Streamclip is a free video converter that you can download from This is our backbone for just about any type of video conversion. It is quick, it is easy to operate, and best of all, it is free! For single video clip conversions, MPEG Streamclip is a must have.


Adobe Media Encoder 

Media Encoder is our go to program for beefier video conversions. It’s a great program if you’re doing batch exports or need to set up a watch list. We have programed our Media Encoder with lots of presets so we can easily drop in clips, pick our export settings with one click and let it do its thing. The downside of Media Encoder is that it isn’t free. It comes with Adobe’s Premiere Pro, After Effects and Adobe Prelude software.



Even though we’re lovers of all things Mac, there are times when we need to convert things to or from Windows Media files. Flip4Mac is a free tool that allows you to view and convert Windows files on a Mac. The program has other uses, too, but if you already have MPEG Streamclip and/or Media Encoder on your computer, you’ll probably find that you only use Flip4Mac for its Windows friendly capabilities. Even though its a little bit of a one trick pony, it is the best (and cheapest) tool for the job.


Are there other video conversion tools that you use on your Mac? What is your favorite? Leave us a comment below or join the conversation on our Facebook page!

If you’re looking to try out some of these conversion programs, why not use this free stock footage clip as guinea pig? All you have to do is click the button below to download your free stock footage clip!

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