It often takes more than scintillating subject matter to edge ahead in the stock media marketplace. We’ve discovered several trends among our best-selling clips and search data—revealing that the style of stock footage is equally important as the category of content it fits into. Our members tend to search for a specific look just as frequently as they do for a certain type of video. Take a look at the aesthetics that are leading the pack, and consider trying them out for yourself to give your stock sales a boost.


Bending Time

Time lapse and slow motion shots have a surreal quality and convey information or detail that cannot be presented in real time. These are two methods that will continue to evolve technically and thrive with new creative interpretations.

Consider tagging: time lapse, lapse, slow motion, slow mo, fps


Point of View

The rise of actions cameras like the GoPro Hero has elevated the popularity of Point of View or POV shots. This style is most impactful when used to capture extreme sports and action because it involves the viewer in the moment making them feel less like a bystander and more like a participant.

Consider tagging: POV, Point of View, GoPro, action, active



A well-composed shot with dramatic lighting, shallow depth of field, and careful color correction will give it that high-quality cinema feel. A cinematic shot is emotional and powerful.

Consider tagging: Cinematic, film, focus, light, contrast



Older styles of stock footage typically include models acting out very specific scenarios, which can appear a little forced. A shot that captures real life or authentic moments can successfully communicate a feeling while eliminating the risk of cheesiness.

Consider tagging: Authentic, candid, life, lifestyle, comfortable

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