Lights, Camera, Preview: How To Showcase Your Movie Like A Pro

The hardest part is already over. You’ve worked tirelessly on your masterpiece, and you’re ready to unveil it to the world. But, in this case, the end is actually just the beginning — of post-production, that is. When creating a cinematic trailer templates for inspiration.   Where to Start?   The introduction of your trailer or sizzle is where you’ll establish the initial interest and reel in the audience. A lot of the audience’s interest in the preview will depend on its visual appeal. A great way to do this is by … Read more about Lights, Camera, Preview: How To Showcase Your Movie Like A Pro

Sharpen Your After Effects Skills with Our Favorite Tutorials

From designing animations and special effects to working with AE templates or stylizing and color correcting footage, Adobe After Effects opens the door to creative possibilities for filmmakers of every skill level. A staple in the creative industry, it's become the "must-have" and "must-know" special effects and animation program for creatives.   Of course, at first glance when opening up After Effects can be a bit intimidating without a little guidance. Don't worry—we've got you covered. Whether you’d like to enhance your shots … Read more about Sharpen Your After Effects Skills with Our Favorite Tutorials

Review: Wondershare’s Filmora Video Editor

Do you have the right tools for success on YouTube? As the video platform continues to dominate social media, indie branding, and grassroots marketing, having the right program for short-form video editing has never been more important. Enter Wondershare’s Filmora, a simple and easy-to-use video editor that’s beginner friendly—and good for video editing on the fly. How easy? We tried it out with some of our stock footage to see how it stacked up compared to industry mainstays like Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro. Available for both … Read more about Review: Wondershare’s Filmora Video Editor

Increase Your YouTube Watch Time with These 5 Steps

We’ve known for a while that YouTube’s most important ranking factor is video watch time. It makes sense—YouTube wants to keep users on the site for as long as possible, so the more time people spend watching and interacting with videos, the more YouTube will focus on putting those videos where viewers will see them. That’s cool and all, but how can you increase your YouTube watch time to ensure that your videos are prioritized in search? Use these five tips to impress your VP of Marketing with huge increases in views and watch … Read more about Increase Your YouTube Watch Time with These 5 Steps

What Is a Sizzle Reel? (And How to Make One)

Looking for a way to show off your content and make it pop? Look no further than the always versatile sizzle reel: a fun, quick way to spotlight all of your creative projects. A tool used by freelancers and longtime industry professionals alike, the sizzle reel provides a variety of different ways to quickly engage audiences with content that speaks for itself.   What is a sizzle reel? Sizzle reels are a fast-paced, branded mix of media that help convey messaging in a stylized video. While all sizzle reels are videos, not all videos … Read more about What Is a Sizzle Reel? (And How to Make One)

The Best Gear for On-the-Go

Picture this: You’re about to go on the destination footage trip of a lifetime, but you can’t bring all of your favorite equipment with you—we’ve all been there. Which camera should I bring? Will I need this lens or that one? Next thing you know, you’re sitting on your luggage, using all your strength to fit the zipper around your folded up tripod. Traveling can be stressful—especially if you’re a videographer or photographer. Not only do you want to make sure you have the right gear, but you also want to make sure it stays safe. … Read more about The Best Gear for On-the-Go

Why B-Roll is Awesome

Seasoned filmmakers and beginners alike use b-roll to take their film projects to the next level. Why? B-roll evens the playing field—and if you’ve never heard of b-roll before reading this article, you can still use it to achieve incredible results. We’ll take you through the basics of b-roll and show you how stock footage fits into the equation. (Spoiler: You’ll end up saving both time and cash).   What Is B-Roll? B-roll is the additional footage interspersed throughout a video to provide more information about the … Read more about Why B-Roll is Awesome

Top 20 Abstract and Artistic AE Templates

Have you ever seen opening credits that made the hair stand up on your arms? Or a movie trailer that had your heart thumping loudly in your ears? The high-impact visuals of After Effects templates can add incredible intensity to any project—and will take your audience’s breath away. Versatile and colorful, abstract After Effects templates have their perks. Creatives working in the the sci-fi, thriller, drama, or documentary genres already know that abstract templates are key, but the uses for them go far beyond dramatic films. … Read more about Top 20 Abstract and Artistic AE Templates