Toolkit: Under the Sea Stock Footage and Audio

As that classic children’s film says, “we got no troubles, life is the bubbles, under the sea!” With the arrival of warmer weather, crowds flock to the waterside for a break from the heat and some cool, wet fun. But the underwater world has always been and continues to be an area of poetic and scientific mystery—not to mention a marvel to the filmmaking world. (Just ask James Cameron.) Explore the ocean depths yourself with our new Under the Sea Toolkit featuring VideoBlocks underwater stock video and sounds from our sister site, … Read more about Toolkit: Under the Sea Stock Footage and Audio

How to Capture Authentic Lifestyle Footage

Our customers are diverse in every sense of the word: culture, ethnicity, gender, and lifestyle. The unifying thread between them is a shared creative community and a deep desire for more realistic portrayals of everyday people, places, and experiences in stock media. Over the past year, we’ve seen a significant increase in searches for diversity and connection to the human experience at a global scale. Snapshots of ordinary, authentic moments in our daily lives topped our library trends data. So how do you capture high-quality footage … Read more about How to Capture Authentic Lifestyle Footage

Welcome to the Family, AudioBlocks!

For those that haven't heard, we've launched a new site! Everyone, join us in giving a warm welcome to the Blockhead family! What is AudioBlocks? AudioBlocks is a stock media website dedicated to everything audio. They have production music, sound effects and audio loops, all of which are available for unlimited downloads! The sounds come in both .wav and .mp3 file formats, making it easy to quickly integrate the sounds into whatever project you're working on. Best of all, AudioBlocks features an intuitive and user friendly … Read more about Welcome to the Family, AudioBlocks!