The Best Gear for On-the-Go

Picture this: You’re about to go on the destination footage trip of a lifetime, but you can’t bring all of your favorite equipment with you—we’ve all been there. Which camera should I bring? Will I need this lens or that one? Next thing you know, you’re sitting on your luggage, using all your strength to fit the zipper around your folded up tripod. Traveling can be stressful—especially if you’re a videographer or photographer. Not only do you want to make sure you have the right gear, but you also want to make sure it stays safe. … Read more about The Best Gear for On-the-Go

The Ultimate Wedding Pro Toolkit: Stock Media for a Happily Ever After

Although die-hard romantics may disagree, how we remember weddings is often as important as the big day itself. When couples and loved ones look back, they’ll reminisce about the way the bride and groom looked at each other, or the champagne-studded toasts, or everyone’s smooth moves out on the dance floor. Every wedding professional knows the importance of these treasured memories, especially if you’re the photographer or videographer. The pressure is on to make those moments looks magical. Enter our Wedding Professional’s Toolkit. Vendors … Read more about The Ultimate Wedding Pro Toolkit: Stock Media for a Happily Ever After

Footage to Satisfy Your Summer Wanderlust

The term wanderlust describes a burning desire to explore the world and discover life outside your “stock” comfort zone. It’s also the driving force behind much of our stock travel footage. Like the twelve clips below, much of our library comes courtesy of weathered passports, moderate jet lag, converted currency, and a strong sense of adventure! If you’re looking for summer travel footage that’s a bit more majestic than crowded beaches and municipal parks, look no further than the footage below. Warning: downloading the following … Read more about Footage to Satisfy Your Summer Wanderlust