Frightening Stock Footage for Your Halloween

Halloween is creeping closer, which means it’s time to channel your inner Hitchcock—or maybe your inner Craven, Romero, or Carpenter (depending on your style). Whether you’re working on a mind-bending supernatural thriller or a macabre family comedy, we’ve got the Halloween stock footage you need. Check out these collections of the most haunting templates and videos from our Unlimited Library.   Make an Impression Dark and brooding or spooky and magical? Whatever tone you choose, make sure you prime your audience from the very first … Read more about Frightening Stock Footage for Your Halloween

Infographic: The Characterization of Beer

Have you ever dreamed of grabbing a beer with your favorite film character? We have, which got us wondering exactly what type of beer Captain Jack Sparrow or Peter Parker might order. After sampling craft brews of all varietals, we developed a highly (un)scientific chart of malt beverages and the characters who love them. The result is the infographic below. You’ll see that we took six different styles of beer and matched them to the personalities and lifestyles of the fictional and famous. As a company of beer aficionados and film … Read more about Infographic: The Characterization of Beer

The Kinetic Action Editing of Mad Max: Fury Road

Few films in the history of cinema are as vivid, bold, and elegantly chaotic as George Miller’s modern action masterpiece Mad Max: Fury Road. With its potent fusion of post-apocalyptic design and explosive automotive stunt-work, it’s the kind of film that makes the audience wonder, “How did they get away with that?” Mad Max bucks the modern Hollywood trend of quick, disorienting edits that excite but confuse the audience. Even so, much of the critical discussion around the film has surrounded its experimental action-driven narrative, … Read more about The Kinetic Action Editing of Mad Max: Fury Road