The Best Gear for On-the-Go

Picture this: You’re about to go on the destination footage trip of a lifetime, but you can’t bring all of your favorite equipment with you—we’ve all been there. Which camera should I bring? Will I need this lens or that one? Next thing you know, you’re sitting on your luggage, using all your strength to fit the zipper around your folded up tripod. Traveling can be stressful—especially if you’re a videographer or photographer. Not only do you want to make sure you have the right gear, but you also want to make sure it stays safe. … Read more about The Best Gear for On-the-Go

Gear Review: What Joel Thinks of the New Canon 5D Mark IV

By Joel Holland, Founder and Executive Chairman of VideoBlocks   For 15 years I’ve been lugging around an unreasonable amount of camera gear. As many readers likely know, being both a photographer and videographer means almost twice the load. So it was with great joy that I purchased the Canon 5D Mark IV, capable of shooting 4K video in addition to world class photos. I was hoping that it could be the camera to replace my RED Scarlet X video camera and Canon 5D Mark III. To answer this question, I spent a week shooting in the … Read more about Gear Review: What Joel Thinks of the New Canon 5D Mark IV