Why B-Roll is Awesome

Seasoned filmmakers and beginners alike use b-roll to take their film projects to the next level. Why? B-roll evens the playing field—and if you’ve never heard of b-roll before reading this article, you can still use it to achieve incredible results. We’ll take you through the basics of b-roll and show you how stock footage fits into the equation. (Spoiler: You’ll end up saving both time and cash).   What Is B-Roll? B-roll is the additional footage interspersed throughout a video to provide more information about the … Read more about Why B-Roll is Awesome

Stock Footage of the Week: Captivating Time Lapse B-Roll

Nothing beats waiting like not waiting—so why wait for the next scene in your film? The passing of time can be a tricky thing to show without putting your audience to sleep. No one wants to sit through every hour of the night for their hero to finally wake up and make some coffee, but you also have to show that time has passed. So whether you need to speed up the sunrise or create a quick location switch—a time lapse is the perfect solution. That’s why for this week’s footage of the week, we’ve picked a few of our favorite time … Read more about Stock Footage of the Week: Captivating Time Lapse B-Roll

Stock Footage of the Week: Memorial Day 2017

Welcome back to our Stock Footage of the Week series, where we discuss trending content and the latest events.   Every year on the final Monday of May, Americans remember the men and women of our armed forces who have died in the line of duty. It’s a tradition dating back to the American Civil War in 1868, when it was dedicated to adorning the graves of Union Army soldiers with flowers. Today, Memorial Day has largely lost its somber roots, and is celebrated as the unofficial kickoff to summer, complete with hot dogs, pool parties, and … Read more about Stock Footage of the Week: Memorial Day 2017

Stock Footage of the Week: Beachy Summer B-Roll

Beach season is finally here. Our wintry day-dreams of sun and sand, frozen beverages, and the nostalgic smell of coconut SPF have finally become reality—and you know what that means. From summer romances to seasonal film projects, it’s time to start heating things up. Find inspiration for your next enterprise with our collection of sun-soaked b-roll. To get you started, we’ve highlighted a few of our favorites below!   Download this b-roll footage of a person jogging on the beach at sunrise   Purchase this b-roll … Read more about Stock Footage of the Week: Beachy Summer B-Roll

Top 20 Beach Video Clips to Help You to Zen Out

Repeat after us: Ommmm. Ommmm. Whether you’re already enjoying clear blue skies and warm breezes or just daydreaming of beaches, the promise of summer is right around the corner—and just in time to help us all relax! In just a couple short weeks beach season will be well underway and dreams of relaxing ocean-side will finally become reality. In the meantime, inspire your audience to get their beach zen on by including some of our peaceful, relaxing video clips of beaches around the world. We’ve rounded up 20 of our most popular beach clips … Read more about Top 20 Beach Video Clips to Help You to Zen Out

Review: PowerDirector 15

We always applaud early adopters. Cyberlink’s PowerDirector 15 added 360 video editing capabilities before anyone else, similar to how we added 360 and VR stock footage to our library before the rest of the competition. So, we gave their software a spin with some b-roll to see how it stacks up against the industry leaders, and this is what we learned. Firstly, if you work in Windows, PowerDirector 15 is definitely worth a try. It is not Mac compatible—sorry Apple users—but pulls a lot of weight as an intuitive editing program … Read more about Review: PowerDirector 15