Why B-Roll is Awesome

Seasoned filmmakers and beginners alike use b-roll to take their film projects to the next level. Why? B-roll evens the playing field—and if you’ve never heard of b-roll before reading this article, you can still use it to achieve incredible results. We’ll take you through the basics of b-roll and show you how stock footage fits into the equation. (Spoiler: You’ll end up saving both time and cash).   What Is B-Roll? B-roll is the additional footage interspersed throughout a video to provide more information about the … Read more about Why B-Roll is Awesome

Review: PowerDirector 15

We always applaud early adopters. Cyberlink’s PowerDirector 15 added 360 video editing capabilities before anyone else, similar to how we added 360 and VR stock footage to our library before the rest of the competition. So, we gave their software a spin with some b-roll to see how it stacks up against the industry leaders, and this is what we learned. Firstly, if you work in Windows, PowerDirector 15 is definitely worth a try. It is not Mac compatible—sorry Apple users—but pulls a lot of weight as an intuitive editing program … Read more about Review: PowerDirector 15