Tips for Shooting Macro Video

Spring is FINALLY here and we're all anxious to break out our cameras and capture the season's beauty. But before you go ambush the local tulip bed, let's step back and talk about some macro shooting basics. Taking the time to understand depth of field, macro shooting composition and proper lighting will result in some killer springtastic shots! What is Macro? Macro refers to taking video or pictures of very small things. Think about lady bugs, flower petals, worms...all of those spring time symbols that we love so much. Shooting macro … Read more about Tips for Shooting Macro Video

Top 10 Video Editing Shortcut Keys You Need to Know

For all you Final Cut Pro users here is our list of the top 10 video editing shortcut keys you need to know. And for you Adobe Premiere users, we have an extra bonus for you at the bottom. Timeline shortcut keys: 1. Selection Tool [A] 2. Razor Blade Tool [B] 3. Crop Tool [C] 4. Zoom Tool [Z] 5. Default Cross Dissolve Transition [Command + T] 6. Change Speed [Command + J] 7. Play [space bar] 8. Play forward x2 speed [L] 9. Play back x2 speed [J] 10. Pause [K] Premiere users, did you know you can set your keyboard shortcuts to mimic … Read more about Top 10 Video Editing Shortcut Keys You Need to Know