So it’s the day after Christmas and you find yourself sitting with a nice little stash of Amazon gift cards that Santa brought. It is, after all, the perfect gift for any lover of video or technology. We’re going to break down some of our top Amazon picks so you can decide what you’ll buy with your holiday loot.

What to Buy With a $25 Amazon Gift Card

Video Editing Keyboard Skins

These are a great tool if you’re new to video editing, or are just switching software. They’re color coded and contain all of the keyboard shortcuts for specific editing programs. The one featured here is for Adobe Premiere, but they make them for Final Cut Pro, Avid and Vegas as well.

Memory Cards

It seems like memory cards make every gift list we write, but that’s because they’re so useful! Think about it, practically every camera runs off of one of these, and they’re so portable and easy to use! If you have some extra Amazon cash, it wouldn’t hurt to pick up another spare.


What to Buy With a $50 Amazon Gift Card

Video Editing Wardrobe 

If you’re a video editor (and specifically a freelance one) you can never have enough nerd attire to make sure everyone knows how much you love your craft. Amazon has a few good ones that can beef up your never ending t-shirt collection.

Video Editing Tutorials 








Pick up some new skills over your holiday break! Amazon offers quite a few good deals on tutorial downloads and software to help you learn new software and techniques. This one is designed to teach you Apple Motion (the Mac equivalent of After Effects) and is available for about $40 if you download it.


What to Buy With a $100 Amazon Gift Card

Pen and Touch Tablet 

If you do a lot of graphic design or photo editing, you will certainly like this idea. These type of tablets allow you to edit images by using a pen…as if you were doing it on a real piece of paper. It’s great for getting precise details and for creating original doodle drawings. Plus, this particular model comes with Photoshop Elements, so it is kind of a two for one deal.


Camera Case 











Since $100 isn’t quite enough to get yourself a nice new camera, how about buying some accessories for the ones you have? We love this great travel bag for digital cameras. It’s versatile, affordable and promises to keep your gear safe.

What Are You Buying?

We want to know what type of video accessories you’re buying with your holiday loot. Leave us a message below or head on over to our Facebook page to tell us what you’re eying up!