Are your kids already sick of playing with that 5,000 piece Kinex set you gave them last week? Or did you buy your four-year-old a Millennium Falcon Lego set, just because you knew you’d get to put it together yourself? It’s cool, we’re not here to judge. In fact, we encourage you to play with your (or your kids’) toys! We found a few cool videos where people put their toys to good use. Check them out!

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Playmobile Stop Motion

This is a toy inspired remake of this performance by the band Joy Division. Compare the two videos…it is pretty dead on! (We really love the drummer!) Check out their info section, too, because these people have put together a few Playmobile music videos that are all fun to watch.


Toy Story Re-enactment

This re-enactment of a Toy Story opening scene will make you appreciate just how realistic those movies are. This video editor had all of the details pretty accurate, from the cardboard box buildings to the clouds on the wall. If you have the whole Toy Story gang at your house, this may be a fun project to do with your kids! Pick your favorite scene and re-enact it with them. Have them help you edit it and they’ll love to share it will of of their friends and teachers when they go back to school after break!

The White Stripes – Fell In Love With a Girl

This is a song a lot of people know, but you may not be aware of the awesomeness of the video. Legos, Legos, Legos…it makes us want to break out our old basic Lego set and create some video magic of our own!


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