It’s been a really busy and exciting week here at VideoBlocks! We just moved offices! For the past two years we had been working out of a very cozy office in Reston, Virginia. By the end of our lease there, we had overgrown the place to the point where people were working out of just about every coat closet and nook your could find. Yesterday we moved just down the street to an office that is about 10 times bigger than our last office! This will give us plenty of room to keep growing and bringing you awesome content in the future!

Here’s a little tour of our new place! Remember, we just moved in yesterday, so please excuse the mess!

Here’s the outside of our new building! 
Our shiny new plaque outside the office!
We love our new reception area!
Here’s our new cube farm where our content development team and marketing team are setting up shop.
Speaking of content, here is our new studio set up! This former conference room has been turned into an acoustically pleasing studio for us to shoot footage, record music and more! Right now we’re working on some slow motion liquid shots.
Here’s part of our customer service crew working hard in their new office! 

That’s the basic VideoBlocks office tour for now! We’ll keep updating you as we get some more fun toys and make this space our own. And as always, don’t forget to leave our blog without downloading a free stock footage clip! Just click the button below to download our your free looping background.

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