Earlier this month VideoBlocks.com held a contest for educators to win a $1,000 prize to put towards technology in their classroom. The votes are in and here are our winners!

1st Place: John Simatovich Elementary School

Here’s how this elementary school plans on using their $1,000 cash prize!:

If our school won $1,000.00, we would purchase digital video recorders for student use. Our students would then collaborate with teachers to capture real life examples of good character in action throughout the school. These episodes would be seen through the eyes of Captain Crayon and the Adventures of the Character Keys on the JSE channel 71 morning news show.

1st Place VideoBlocks contest winner

2nd Place: Emmett Middle School

When asked “how will your school use a subscription to VideoBlocks.com?” they replied, “Students in the video production classes would have an amazing library with which to work from to produce videos for class assignments and to make PSA’s for the school body.

2nd Place VideoBlocks contest winner

3rd Place: Lewis & Clark Elementary School

Lewis and Clark Elementary School uses technology in an eLearning program to teach engagement, enthusiasm and empowerment in the classroom.

3rd Place

Congratulations to all of our winners and have fun using your VideoBlocks subscriptions at your school! Remember, we always have new contests popping up, so make sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to get the latest news on these great opportunities.

And speaking of great opportunities, here is a free looping background that you can use in your classroom (or any other project!). Just click the red button below to download it for free!

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