Talent Released Footage from VideoBlocks

Life is made up of moments – small segments of time that we capture, cherish, hold onto and remember. From walking along an empty beach barefoot to taking a stroll with the person you love, thousands of small moments can be captured and watched with HD footage on VideoBlocks. Videos are our way to venture into the very essence of human life with the click of a button.

Take, for instance, this video of a couple riding their bikes down a beautiful tree-filled pathway. This footage shows two people enjoying one another, smiling, playing and forgetting about the world beyond.

For another flash of nature, take a look at the woman walking into the sea. Here, the ocean lies ahead, as an anonymous young woman wades into the waves. As they push and pull her, she skims the surf with her fingertips.

Or spend some time with the family hiking over the hills in the distance. Watch as the small team of adventurers moves into the screen, while the camera captures the pine-covered hills in the background. This video is evocative of that wonderful summer getaway, far away from the city, jobs and the superficialities of life.

No matter what your lifestyle, it’s so easy to find beauty in any given moment. Take the men captured praying at their mosque. For a few moments, a row of men are captured deep in worship. They pray and rise simultaneously within the grand walls of their sanctuary.

The mother and son eating together take us back to the family. It’s heartwarming to watch the playfulness with which the little boy eats his pizza and to observe the mother’s expression as she looks proudly at her son.

It doesn’t matter where you’ve been; you’re bound to know the feeling of being welcomed home by the ones you love. After a long trip or even a long day at work, nothing beats the smiles and the embraces of a warm welcome. Watch as a family takes the simplest pleasure in greeting a family member upon his arrival home.

The beauty of a piano player’s hands is something a little different, but just as powerful. Watch the passion, strength and elegance that goes into creating music with those black and white keys. There is always something enormously moving about a gifted person embracing what he or she loves doing.

From a burst of talent released, to a passionate embrace, all of these videos let the viewer into what is beautiful about this world. This is what makes a video great -a piece of royalty-free footage that sparks emotion and memories that you want to hold onto.