In the age of Instagram, the thought of a truly one-of-a-kind nature shot may seem unattainable, but the quality of nature and environmental video clips at VideoBlocks is quite accessible. Our video clips provide viewers and users alike with a sense of depth and personality that can be lacking in a lot of nature-related videos.

For instance, it’s one thing to capture a shot from the top of the cliff, but how about a dolly shot that takes you down the cliff face of one of the largest impact craters on the face of the Earth? It’s this attention to detail and taking advantage of new perspectives that sets VideoBlocks apart.

And because our selection of environmental footage is so vast, you’ll rarely have to wait for the perfect shot to complement your video project. Want to capture the isolation that comes with traveling a long, desolate desert road or dusty railway? It’s absolutely possible. Looking for the perfect footage to capture a winter-themed project or accentuate the stifling heat of the summer? That, too, is completely possible with VideoBlocks.

We also understand that you may need the quintessential sunset to put the proverbial exclamation point on certain video projects, but you can take it to completely new heights with the help of VideoBlocks.

If your project calls for more than majestic landscape shots, there are plenty of clips of wildlife available to you as well. A slow motion closeup of a bald eagle can add drama to your nature documentary. Capture the essence of life in the savannah with a clip of a grazing elephant herd. If you need a more day-to-day clip of animal life, try a shot of ducks swimming in a pond to add a bit of nature to your video. It’s all here!

What separates the nature clips on VideoBlocks from others is our never-ending mission to provide all of our users only the absolute best in professional video footage. And because we use the most qualified videographers and photographers for all of our shots, you can rest assured that you’ll receive the very best product the moment you click “Download.”