Our VideoBlocks library is pretty big, and with the upcoming launch of the VideoBlocks Marketplace, we’re only getting bigger—which, despite all the positives, makes it easier for some great footage to fall through the old Internet cracks.

We had some very popular clips in 2014, and we’re pretty sure that at this point just about every user has downloaded Eagle Nebula, but some clips hovered deep in the search results without equal opportunity of being discovered. Here is our attempt to get some of our best stock footage out of the shadow of “dark matter” and into the light—some, quite literally.

Without further adieu, here are our favorite sleeper clips of 2014 as chosen by our team.

Have you secretly downloaded these clips and not told us? Send us what you have created to social@videoblocks.com, and we will consider your work for future blog posts!

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fight sunset2
students mountain
statues fabric

VideoBlocks Sleeper Clips of 2014