Great Religion Backgrounds from VideoBlocks

In exhorting church leaders to move into the digital age, leading American theologian Albert Mohler has said, “Just as the Gutenberg Revolution granted the generation of the Reformation unprecedented new opportunities to communicate their message, the Digital Revolution presents today’s believers with tools, platforms, and opportunities that previous generations of Christians could not have imagined.” Whether it be on a website, social media site such as Facebook, or video clips projected during services, the need to provide fresh graphics and sound, as well as stock motion videos, means that church leaders are looking for affordable fresh content to keep their presentations and Internet presence compelling and up to date. With nearly 6 billion cell phones in service in the world today, and over 2 billion people connected to the Internet, digital communication is an imperative for churches.

In-house production of videos, graphics, and sound can be prohibitively expensive. VideoBlocks offers churches unlimited downloads of a wide array of religious background video films that encompass the message of the church in a dynamic format that will speak to young and old alike. Everything from videos welcoming people to worship to films of the cross, depictions of the Easter message, and light streaming through stain glass windows are available. New motion background videos are regularly added to keep content fresh. The videos evoke hope, prayerful meditation, praise, and worship.

For presentations, during services and otherwise, VideoBlocks has dynamic Welcome videos, Hope to See You Again clips, and motion video films for Baptism and Easter. There’s even a tactful reminder to silence cell phones.

To set a tone of worship and praise, there are a number of video clips of raised hands and figures with arms raised. Calm and reflection are evoked by motion backgrounds of prayer. The message of the meaning of the cross are depicted in dynamic, glowing images of static and rotating crosses. Motion videos of the Bible, communion, and Jesus bring home the message of Christianity and give churches the opportunity to communicate with members and potential members in a purposeful way.

To help churches move seamlessly into the digital age, VideoBlocks, together with its associated sites GraphicStocks and AudioBlocks, offer church leaders affordable royalty-free stock videos, music and sound effects, and graphics.
Great Religion Backgrounds from VideoBlocks