Regardless of how it may be portrayed in mass media as of late, there is a great deal to admire about Israel. It’s very rare to find so much untouched beauty within a country that has been fraught with conflict for decades, but within this 8,000 square-foot slice of land, our team of professional photographers and videographers have been able to capture the very best of what this country has to offer.

No matter which parts of Israel you are looking to capture, there is beautiful footage waiting for you in our libraries. If you’d like your video project to show the lush greenery that parts of Israel are known for, we have a store of clips that showcase both the flora and fauna of forest zones. We also have footage of the sprawling waterfronts that dot the coastal areas of the country. Should your project call for it, we can also take you and your viewers straight to Israel’s vast deserts and mountainsides.

And because there’s such a drastic change in Israel’s landscape from one end of the country to the other, there’s an unlimited wealth of dramatic footage from which to choose. From the twilight rays of sunlight shining down on an Israeli valley to the magnificent sunsets that highlight the Mediterranean Sea, there’s no shortage of beautiful clips that can be used to enhance any video project.
We pride ourselves on making only the highest quality video available to our customers, and our extensive search tool makes it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. Whether you’re looking for action shots of men praying in a mosque or a pan of the holy city of Jerusalem, we’ve got you covered — and then some.

From mountaintop to ocean floor — and everything in between — the country of Israel provides an immense variety of beautiful scenery that will be perfect for a wide variety of video projects. And because these clips come from VideoBlocks, you know you’re getting the absolute best quality and professionally made video clips every time.