Great Abstract Motion Backgrounds from VideoBlocks

The cost of in-house production of custom clips is prohibitively expensive. Custom clips are widely desired by any number of industries. International companies need clips emphasizing their global reach and cutting edge innovation; marketing directors look for dynamic special-effects backgrounds for their logo to enhance production pitches; DJs search for high energy abstract backgrounds for projection to accompany their sets. For cost-effective and dynamic stock video footage, motion backgrounds, abstract effect and other special effects, look to VideoBlocks, a royalty free, cost-effective, subscription-based website.
VideoBlock’s spinning globe motion background makes the global inspirations of the company clear. The footage shows a cloud draped blue globe spinning slowly on a starry black background. There is also the global economy motion video that scrolls across continents displaying dollar signs as it goes.

For the marketing director in search of logo display footage, there’s the Apple Motion Display Template that can be customized with text, taglines and a logo. The clip displays a rotating array of dynamic office workers in a variety of settings and closes with a smiling phone based customer support person. There’s also the 3D logo clip, with a blue background, that scrolls across a 3D logo and then rotates the image, ending with a static logo and website details.

As an introduction to a wedding video, the Our Wedding background clip displays an elegant “Our Wedding” text and floating, glowing hearts emanating from a streaming light source, all on a romantic red background.

For a DJ, the iridescent, pulsating energy ball throwing off a steady stream of iridescent squirmy floaters would be great for a club setting. For high energy vibes, there’s also the purple and magenta sparks clip with bright sparks exploding upwards, intersected by thrusting magenta light beams. For a touch of the disco, the DJ might choose the DJ lights with animated strobe-like flashing lights on three dynamic, ever changing levels.

Whether it is in service of a presentation, logo display, wedding bells, or DJ special effects, VideoBlock’s stock footage can be further enhanced by the addition of royalty freemusic, sounds,and images.