Great 4K Nature Footage from VideoBlocks

Natural scenes make some of the most beautiful images, which may explain why so many photographers and filmmakers focus on capturing nature footage. High resolution videos best express the beauty of nature, as they capture every intricate detail that the world has to offer.

VideoBlocks offers 4K nature footage, which features the same resolution as ultra high definition television, with roughly 4,000 pixels along each horizontal edge. These ultra HD royalty-free stock videos are suitable for projects that demand the very best video quality.

The content of these scenes is incredibly diverse. Almost every natural environment that you can imagine is represented, from the frozen coastline of Alaska to the hot sands of the Israeli desert. Trees, streams, flowers, and sky scenes also feature in this beautiful line-up of videos.

Water is a key feature in much of VideoBlock’s 4K nature footage. Whether you long to gaze into the beauty of still, blue water, or prefer the gentle babble of a spring running through a culvert, you will find videos catering to your every desire. The steady rhythm of waves rolling over rocks is another popular stock video subject, perhaps due to the calming, almost hypnotic repetition of the movement.

Other filmmakers are clearly fascinated by the weather, having chosen to create footage of clouds lit up in many different shades, including pink, orange, and red, as well as the classic shot of white clouds against a blue sky. Sunsets and sunrises are among some of the most beautiful HD nature videos, with a range of foregrounds available, including ocean and mountains.

Nature plays an important role in the lives of many people. When individuals are overwhelmed by the pressures of modern life, getting back in contact with the natural world can help to relieve the stress. For those who live a long way from the mountains or beaches that they long to visit, watching a high definition nature video can be a quick way to relax the mind. Footage of nature also creates a relaxing or thought-provoking mood when it is used in music videos or documentaries.

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 11.08.15 AM Great 4K Nature Footage from VideoBlocks
Great 4K Nature Footage from VideoBlocks Great 4K Nature Footage from VideoBlocks
Great 4K Nature Footage from VideoBlocks Great 4K Nature Footage from VideoBlocks