If you think you’ve put together some video shoots in tight spaces, think again. Let me introduce to you, smart. studio. It is an entire multi camera studio and editing station all within a 2 seat Smart Car. Most people can barely fit their groceries in these cars, but a some Smart Car engineers have created an entire creative studio within the extremely compact car to take their show on the road!

smart. studio. has six cameras within the cabin of the car. It also has multiple places to attach cameras to the outside of the car for exterior shots. All of the cameras are hooked up to 5 storage devices in the trunk, which can also be used to store footage from handheld cameras used to do remote shoots away from the car. Once the smart. studio. is parked, the trunk can be converted into a full editing bay with monitors and all. Pretty awesome, right?

smart studio

Smart Studio Trunk

But here is the question: what does one do with a ridiculously tiny video studio on wheels? Well, according to Smart, you make an entire series on fashion and urban lifestyles. They got a host named Pete and sent him to some of Europe’s most popular cities to report on lifestyles and culture. In the end, they turned their mobile studio into everything including a karaoke bar and puppeteer platform. You can check out all of their videos on their Facebook site! Here’s one of my favorites:

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