It’s that time of year when we start looking back and making lists of the best of 2012. Video Blocks had so much to celebrate this year that we thought we’d make a list of our own. We added THOUSANDS of new stock footage clips this year, so we went back and picked out our top 5 favorite additions of 2012. Make sure you click on the links and go download all of these great clips yourself!

5. Slow Motion Bald Eagles

Even though were were just bragging about these shots, we had to bring them up again. Bald eagle footage is majestic enough as it is, but when you put them in slow motion it is really something special.

4. NASA Collection

We logged quite a few hours this year searching through NASA’s archives to bring you some iconic space exploration footage. As a result, Video Blocks has a whole new collection of historical footage, featuring images of Neil Armstrong, President Kennedy and President Obama.

3. New Space Backgrounds

Speaking of space, we added some impressive space backgrounds to our site this year, too! For years “Eagle Nebula” has held the title of most downloaded clips on Video Blocks. And while it’s still holding on strong to that position, we’re hoping that some of these beautiful new motion backgrounds will make their way to the top in 2013!

2. Virtual Sets

Our users have been requesting virtual sets for years, and we finally put together a collection of sets that meet the Video Blocks’ standards! There are about 100 sets to choose from!

1. After Effects Templates

There is no doubt that adding After Effects templates was the best thing to happen to Video Blocks in the year 2012. We’ve added hundreds of templates ranging from theatrical trailers, to typography, to slideshows and corporate logo animations. It is really great stuff!

We have plenty more tricks up our sleeves for 2013, too! If there was ever a time to be a Video Blocks member, it is definitely now!

We hate it when you leave our blog empty handed, so make sure to click on the download link below so you can download a free stock footage clip from our blog!

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