New Years is right around the corner and we’re all making some wishes and resolutions for 2013. We thought we’d share some of our hopes and dreams for this upcoming year with all of you! Some are concrete…and others are a little lofty, but hey, you have to dream big, right? Happy 2013, everyone!

13. 100,000 Clips on Video Blocks

We’ve been chasing this goal for a while now and we’re on track to hit it soon! More clips means better options and functionality for all of our customers!

12. More After Effects Templates

We could have never predicted how excited you, our customers, would get when we added AE templates to The response was overwhelming, so we’re making it a clear priority to bring you more of those in the upcoming year!

11. Phantom Cameras for EVERYONE!

Okay…so this is one of those incredibly unrealistic goals. But how fun would it be if everyone could shoot the world in slow motion? We’re pretty sure it would be a happier place.

10. Have Some Liquid Nitrogen Fun

One thing we’ve been wanting to try out with the Phantom camera is shattering some everyday objects with the help of liquid nitrogen. We’re hoping to get our hands on some of this super cold stuff in 2013 and bring you the whole adventure over on

9. Quieter Commercials

The FCC just started enforcing the CALM Act, making it illegal to play commercials at insanely high volumes. We’re hoping they keep enforcing it in 2013 so we don’t have to keep reaching for the remote!

8. More Free Stuff

So we may not be able to give away free Phantom cameras, but we can give away free content! We want to keep the giving going on all of our free sites in 2013.,,,, and are all getting ready to dish out more great content in the upcoming year!

7. More Amazon Lightening Deals

Man, do we love a good lightening deal! If we’re really wishing with all of our might, maybe Amazon will start offering lightening deals on cameras and accessories 24/7. Hey…we can dream, right?

6. More Technology in Schools

We love hearing about young creative minds getting into video editing. We’re hoping in 2013 that more schools can offer the technology and tools necessary to introduce students to these types of technical and creative outlets. We’re even hoping to make our site more accessible to schools in 2013, too!

5. Make AVID Affordable

They’ve come down in price a little bit, but AVID still has a long way to go if they want to compete with Final Cut X or the Adobe Create Cloud. Maybe 2013 is the year that AVID can finally be accessible to all editors!

4. More Video Adventures

One of the highlights of Video Blocks is being able to see and capture footage from all over the globe. Hopefully 2013 brings more destinations, more adventures, and of course more footage that will continue to connect us to the world around us!

3. 3D Television Stops Being a Thing

This is harsh…but this fad has stuck around for far too long already. Let’s all realize that 3D TV doesn’t need to happen and go back to enjoying 2D television in all of its glory.

2. Apple Redeems Itself

Though 2012 wasn’t a horrible year for Apple, it certainly wasn’t exciting, either. We’re hoping 2013 brings new innovation and excitement from the technology company that is known for inspiring us all.

1. Peace, Safety, Health and Happiness for All

Above all, we here at Video Blocks want to wish you and your families a very  peaceful and joyous New Year.


If you prefer making your wishes on a shooting star, we’ve got you covered! Here’s a free shooting star stock footage clip from Video Blocks!

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