We’ve always known that video editors are a strange breed, but when we put together a contest to find the coolest video editing setups, we found out that there are quite a few interesting characters out there! Here are the Top 5 Wild and Wacky Video Editors that we found!

5. Straight from the Desk — JJ Lambie

I use a Macbook Pro for editing videos. I use Final Cut Pro X, Cinema 4D, Photoshop and Final Cut Express 4. I use the cameras to film everything and i use the props for the movies! 

 Jj Lambie resized 600

4. Bigfoot on the Keyboard — Daniel Gomez

Me and Bigfoot edit for our website: www.MeBigfoot.com. Bigfoot must be mobile as he learns about the world and communicates with humans regarding the urgent need to Save The Planet… which involves us all. 

 Daniel Gomez resized 600

 3. Using the Force to Create Better Video — Jeremy Wood 

We were slightly surpised to see that Darth Vader does not use Final Cut X.  

Jeremy Wood resized 600

2. OneRiver Media 2010 Holiday Photo — Marco Solorio 

We use our set up for broadcast, high-end corporate, commercial. We use this room for editing, color-timing/grading, compositing, visual effects, 3D modeling/animation, and minor audio mixing (our audio control room is set up for that instead). And yes, the attached picture was taken by me and “everyone” in the photo is me! =) 

Marco Solorio resized 600

1. Darren at his Desk — Darren Pike

Sometimes rendering times get the best of us…

 Darren Pike  resized 600 

Do you know a wild and wacky video editor that deserves their picture to be added to this list? Show us! Post your wild and wacky video editor pictures on our Facebook wall.

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