The big wigs out in Hollywood enjoy using our hectic world of television production as inspiration for quirky antics and hysterical plot lines in many movies. Below are five of our favorite TV in the movies moments.

1. Bruce Almighty 

Bruce Almighty shows how cut throat the television news industry…that is…until you have the powers from above. 

2. Anchorman

We love this scene from the popular Will Ferrel movie that shows just how deep words can cut. 

3. The Truman Show

This movie may have been the first real look at reality television. Who would have guessed that this concept would have eventually led us to Jersey Shore? Good thing this movie had a lot more touching moments! 


2. Wayne’s World 

As someone who was born and raised in Aurora, IL, this is a personal favorite. Wayne and Garth show us anything is possible when you have a video camera


1. Broadcast News

This is perhaps the most recognizable television production movie scene of all time. I’m pretty sure a clip is shown in every beginner television production class in an effort to scare the youngins’ away from the profession. It’s pretty dated at this point, but I guess the energy is pretty accurate. 

Do you have a TV in the movies moment that didn’t make our list? Tell us about it! Either post a comment below or join the conversation on our VideoBlocks Facebook page!

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