When Cisco’s Flip Cam hit the market a few years ago it practically revolutionized the consumer video market. All of a sudden, you could buy an HD video camera for under 100 dollars. Even better, that camera could fit in your pocket, purse, backpack or luggage. It was the future of video technology.

Well, that was until smartphone manufacturers started making phones with HD cameras built in. Now, all of the sudden, your beloved flip cam may not seem as revolutionary as it did when you bought it a couple years ago. Well, don’t go throwing it away! Here are the top 5 best uses for a Flip Cam:

1. Time Lapse Videos 

Taking a long video and speeding it up in editing is a really simple way to make your next video look top notch. Flip cameras make this process super easy because you can put them practically anywhere! You can hang it from a light grid while your band plays a gig and then add the footage to your next music video. You can place it in a tree while your neighborhood sets up a block party to show everyone just how much work went into the big event. The options are endless with this lightweight, easy to mount camera. And who would want to leave their iPhone in a tree?

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2. Vlog (or, Video Blog)

The Internet is the ultimate platform to make your voice heard, and what better way to record that voice than with your trusty Flip Cam? Start a weekly video blog to keep your friends and family up to date with what is happening in your life. Or maybe you want to use it to record your reply to a political video that is creating a lot of buzz. Your Flip Cam is a cheap and easy way to express yourself!

3. News Coverage 

A couple years ago I worked as a junior reporter for a news station in the Midwest. They were trying to lead the way in cutting-edge technology, and as a result, they practically required all reporters to replace their professional cameras with hand-held Flip Cams. Now, I’m not sure that the Flip Cam news movement really caught on, but the idea of having a Flip Cam on you at all times is not a bad idea. If you happen to find yourself in the right place at the right time with your Flip Cam, you may stumble across some great video that could be worth something at your local news station.

4. Video Marketing

Realizing how important the Internet is these days, many companies are doing their best to make their mark on the ever expanding online consumer market. Video marketing is a great way to create a unique identity for your company, and creating videos does not have to be expensive if you have a Flip Cam! Even just posting online tours of your office or “get to know you” interviews with staff can really set you apart from other businesses.

5. Educational Resource 

If you really don’t think you have a use for the Flip Cam sitting around your office, consider donating it to a local school. Flip Cams are great educational resources. They allow teachers to bring the outside world into the classroom, to share field trips and class projects with parents, and they even enable students to learn to tell stories and express themselves in a whole new way.

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