When VideoBlocks held its Coolest Video Editing Setup contest, we got hundreds of entries that made us green with envy. Here are the top 5 most impressive video editing setups that we found!

5. My Video Editing Suite — Radu Negru

Radu’s video editing setup features include: Macpro, FCP Studio, Sony M15 Deck, Panasonic AG DV 2000, Yamaha MG12/4 Mixer, Yamaha Speckers, Sony Video monitors, Various Microphones.

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4. Control Room Edit Suite — Taylor Wogoman 

Taylor’s video editing setup ncludes a 2008 Mac Pro, 4 Sony HD TVs, 2 HDXD CAM Drives, a Ross Vision video switcher, a Soundcraft soundboard, 12 sony SD monitors, 6 HD Marchall monitors, and 2 DVCAM decks. As far as software, it uses MC5.5.3, ProTools 9.0.1, and the Adobe Creative Suite.

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3. The Digital Factory — Todd Russell 

Todd’s equiptment includes a Mac G5 running Final Cut Pro and After Effects. Command 8 for Protools plus Avalon Preamp for Voice over work. 40″ HD LCD monitor, 2x apple 23″, 1x Dell 24″ monitor, Sony 14″ SD monitor. Tannoy 15″ monitor speakers in built.

 Todd Russell resized 600

2. Cori’s Workstation — Cori Fowler 

Cori was kind enough to give us all of the details of this amazing set up! Take a look at this:

Monitors – 12 Display units (including 2 Samsung 47″ LEDs, 2 Samsung 27″ LEDs, 5 Asus 24″ LCDs, 2 LG 22″, 1 Acer 20″)

3 Computer Systems – 

A. (Intel i7 990, 24GB DDR3 RAM, 15TB HDD Space, 3 nVida GeForce 460 FTW PCIe Cards,Logitech G-13 pad, PreSonus Faderport, Wacom Graphire3, Logitech k800 Keyboard, Logitech Trackman) 

B. (Intel i7 950, 12GB DDR3 RAM, 10TB HDD Space, 2 nVidia GeForce 550 GTX PCIe Cards, E-MU 1616M Audio box)

C. (Intel i7 950, 12GM DDR3 RAM, 10TB HDD Space, 2 nVidia Geforce 460 SC PCIe Cards)

Audio Setup – System A is connected to System B’s E-MU 1616M Deck via SPDIF. Connected to the E-MU deck is a pair of M-Audio BX8as and Altec Lansings 2.1s

Also on the desk – HP Envy Notebook (my on-the-road editing station Intel 17 Q20, 8GB RAM, 1.5TBHDD) and an Asus EP 121 Slate (Intel i5 U470, 4GB RAM, 128GB space)

Software (on all machines except for the slate) – Adobe Creative Suite Master Collection 5.5, Microsoft Office 2010, Sony Vegas Pro 10, Sony Sound Forge Pro 10, DVD Architect Pro 5.2, 3D Studio Max, host of editing plugins for Adobe After Effects, Sony Vegas, Adobe Photoshop, & AutoDesk 3D Studio Max, can’t live without Badaboom 2.0, Nero Burning Rom, and some miscellaneous programs.

 Cori Fowler  resized 600

1. Pablo Room at e-motion — Corrado Silveri

Corrado is using Quantel Pablo 4K Stereo – Pablo Neo, Final Cut Studio and RedCine Professional.

 Corrado Silveri  resized 600

What would be in your ultimate video editing suite? Tell us by leaving a comment or posting on our Facebook Wall!

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