We’re a little less than a month away from the release of the latest James Bond movieSkyfall. 007 has been come an internationally known secret agent, and the series of movies are made with such formulaic precision and expertise that the films rarely disappoint. Part of that award winning formula is the opening credit sequence. While many movies hide the credits within the beginning of the film, Bond movies have a reputation for creating sexy, captivating and descriptive opening sequences that set a tone for the entire movie to come. We picked out our top 5 James Bond credit sequences. Next time you’re thinking about skipping the opening credits, look to these to get some high class inspiration!

5. License to Kill

We love this opening credit sequence for its 1980s style. From the theme song to the graphics this opening sets a distinct tone for Mr. 007 to start fighting crime. Plus, the use of the camera alpha channel effect is just great.



4. From Russia With Love

In today’s world of After Effects motion graphics and 3D animation, it’s hard to remember that some effects can still be obtained in camera. Take this opening sequence. Just get a projector and some half naked women and you have an opening credit sequence that will be remembered for decades to come.


3. The Spy Who Loved Me

Another simply sexy but stunning open, The Spy Who Loved Me combines layers live action elements to create a virtual playground of models and artillery. Who doesn’t love Bond girls doing gymnastics on gun barrels?


2. Golden Eye

As one of the more modern Bond films, Golden Eye raised the bar for opening credit sequences. It starts with an awesome point of view shot of a bullet exiting a the barrel of a gun, and then goes on to replicate the retro Bond style using modern graphics. It tells a story and sets a tone without ever saying a word.


1. Casino Royale

Casino Royale is the second most recent 007 movie, and the sophisticated graphics and creative play on gambling makes this opening credit sequence one of a kind. Overall regarded as one of the best Bond movies, this opening sequence is sure to set the bar for Skyfall and all of the other Bonds that follow.


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