We recently held a contest at VideoBlocks to find the coolest video editing setups out there. After going through about 1,200 submissions, we came to the conclusion that cats and dogs love to edit videos almost as much as we humans do! Here are our top 10 favorite video editing animal pictures!

10. Someone is Watching – Scott Sailer

It is always good to have an extra pair of eyes around when you have a creative cat in the house.

IScott Sailer

9. Marmaduke Edits, Too! – Tyler Welker 

Rumor has it that after Marmaduke: The Movie turned out to be a flop, the four legged star went back to brush up his editing skills.

Tyler Welker resized 600

8. Editing is a Dog Eat Dog World! – Archie Brooksbank 

This little guy looks like he is getting ready to finish up the editing on his latest Cesar dogfood commercial.

Archie Brooksbank resized 600

7. Empty Tripod and Cozy Cat – Andrea Lara 

This is one of my student’s workstations at home where he and his brother edit music videos. They also use this for a lot of school work and projects they do.

Andrea Lara resized 600

6. J.J. The Client – Kyle Koch 

Looks like J.J. is calling all the shots at KWK Media.

Kyle Koch resized 600

5. Sleep. Eat. Edit. Repeat. – Kelsey Shryer 

 I am one of three founding partners for Gentle-Force Artist Group. We are currently finishing up a TV pilot and will be shopping it to networks this fall. We work from home and I personally work from my bedroom…or bed sometimes. We have 5 huge dogs, 3 huge cats, and 3 horses. At least one is always hanging out with me editing-well as far as the cats and dogs go… After taking the picture I realized I looked like am bed ridden. I am not. I just eat, sleep, and breathe editing.

Kelsey Shryer resized 600

4. Doody’s CATastophic Command Center – Daniel Doody


Daniel Doody resized 600

3. I Can Edit! – Dan Plomaritis 

Hardware: Macbook Pro; OS X 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard)
Software: Final Cut Express
External Hard Drive: Western Digital “My Book” 1TB.
Dog: Aussie Shepherd/Lab mix. Essential to video inspiration and production.

Dan Plomaritis resized 600

2. I’m Bored – Ed Wiles 

I’ve recently started making my own short films as a writer/director – and editor! The one in the photo is just about complete. Brandy gets a little bored even though we’d only just got back from a walk.

Ed Wiles resized 600

1. SunDog is the Boss – Stephan Allen 

The SunDog name was inspired by our Chihuahua (Timone). He loves to show off and have his belly rubbed. He is our trademark.

Stephen Allen resized 600

Does your pet love video editing, too? Send us a picture! Post your pet on our Facebook wall and we may feature him/her in a future blog!

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