It’s been an exciting week here at the VideoBlocks office. On Monday we put in an order for a Phantom Miro M320S camera! In the past we’ve outsourced our high speed camera footage, so we are beyond pumped to finally create those epic shots in house.

The Phantom Miro is a pretty small in size, but that doesn’t bother us! We refer to it as our “petite little ninja samurai warrior” camera since even with its pint-sized stature it can shoot at a whopping 2,250 frames per second!

So, while we sit here and twiddle our thumbs in anticipation for our little ninja’s arrival, let’s start getting excited about all of the slow motion stock footage fun we can put up on VideoBlocks this summer! Here is a list of 10 things we’re looking forward to shooting on our new Phantom high speed camera. Help us add to it!

 Slow Motion Water balloon resized 600

Is anything better than slow motion video of someone taking a water balloon to the face?

1. Water Balloons


2. Paintballs


3. Flames


4. Fireworks (which we’ll have to travel to do since they’re illegal here…but that’s okay)


5. Guns (hopefully not in the office)


6. Bubbles


7. Freezing stuff with liquid nitrogen and then breaking it


8. Popcorn popping


9. Explosions of any type


10. Recreating anything and everything we see on Mythbusters (even though they make it very clear that we shouldn’t)

What type of slow motion footage would you like to see on What do you only dream of capturing destructive footage of? Help us add to our list! Leave a comment below or hop on over to our VideoBlocks Facebook page and we’ll keep this list running!

And just to give you a little slow motion treat, we dug up some Phantom footage and are giving you a clip for free! Just click the red button below to download your free paint splatter slow motion stock footage clip.

[button link=”” color=”#2216a7″ size=”3″ style=”1″ dark=”0″ radius=”auto” target=”self”]Download Your Free Paint Splatter Stock Footage Clip[/button]